From “Crazy” script:Max and Liz sit together against the wall. She leans on him as they read books and eat their lunches. After a beat, he rests his cheek against her hair and kisses the top of her head. It’s a simple movement, yet their comfort and caring for one another is so obvious. (..)MARIALook at them. It’s so…effortless for them to be a couple. Even eating out of a paper bag is romantic when they do it.
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Liz: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.

Max: No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You’re what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it’s you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.
Brilliant But Canceled Dramas: 5 First Impressions of ‘Roswell’


In order to steady our shaky remote finger until primetime TV returns in the fall, we’re going deep into the archives to watch the pilots of some supposedly great, albeit now-canceled, shows that we let slip through the cracks.

1) Roswell of course stars a very young-looking Shiri Appleby, but the pilot also features plenty of other familiar faces from before they were quite so familiar: Katherine Heigl! Colin Hanks! Pre-facial hair Jack from Revenge! Marshall from Alias! Toby from The West Wing!


2) Aliens apparently have a deep, abiding love for Tabasco sauce.


3) Main character/regular human Liz bought into this “Max is an alien” thing waaaaay too easily (even if he did leave a silver handprint on her stomach).


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Can I just say how much I loved the shots of their hands clasping and touching?
Killian Jones

I am dying. Killian in black jeans, vest, and leather jacket is to die for. So hot!

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I know exactly where they filmed this.  It’s across the street from a strip mall and down the block from the Production office. Those buildings are just facades. It was originally built for the movie, The Watchmen.
Faux pas

Last night I was at an event and met Famous Person for the second time. I don’t expect him to remember me so I say nothing. But then later that evening Famous Person was formally introduced to my husband and I. When he came forward to shake my hand, I said, “actually, we met before at _____’s party.” Which I think might have been a faux pas because he laughed and said something like he doesn’t remember much about that party *wink* *wink*.

And yeah, when we met at the party, he was with a couple of guys and they were heading for the bathroom to ‘party.’ He was totally embarrassed to have been caught. Oops!

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An alternate version of the opening credits has been released, containing some beautiful new scenes and an instrumental main title theme.

Love it.  Whichever way you cut it, the producers did a great job with the series and is a very good interpretation of the novel.

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it just keeps getting better


Gimme that.